// Caring for the Environment

Caring for the Environment - Sustainably Printed

Five Castles aims to use materials that have no undue impact on the environment, that are produced by the efficient use of energy and where possible are derived from natural sources that can be re-used, recycled or disposed of safely.


We have carefully selected our suppliers to ensure they have a monitored environmental policy that corresponds with our environmental policy and that of our clients.


  • All waste paper and cardboard is recycled

  • Waxed wrappers, plastic packaging and shrink wrap is recycled

  • Wooden pallets are continually re-used and recycled

  • Aluminium plates are recycled

  • The studio uses chemistry free plates thus avoiding harmful chemicals

  • Staff are encouraged to switch off lights and machinery when not in use

  • Where possible the vast majority of papers we use are chlorine free, from sustainable sources and are part, or fully recycled

  • Our print rags are cleaned, returned and therefore continually recycled

  • Our inks are vegetable based and solvent free, and sealants are water based

// Paper

Carbon Balanced Paper - World Land Trust

Another service we are proud to offer is the use of Carbon Balanced paper. The production and distribution process of the paper has been carbon balanced, or offset, by the World Land Trust.


If you choose Carbon Balanced paper you can include a unique logo on your print run that conveys your commitment to reducing your carbon impact.



Our latest Heidelberg presses use significantly fewer sheets of paper when making ready to print than less efficient presses, therefore reducing excess paper waste. However paper that is lost in the printing make ready process and is naturally spoiled during the course of producing your job is all recycled.


For more facts about paper from sustainable sources. www.twosides.info

// Plates

Plant List - Presses

We have recently started using Fuji’s PRO-T plate which is a completely processless printing plate which doesn’t require any harmful chemicals for developing which can damage the environment. Furthermore, the requirement for removal of waste products no longer exists.


Because it does not require processing, the PRO-T plate produces a mere 18g of CO2 per square metre of press-ready plate compared to 246g for a processed one.



All our aluminum printing plates are recycled once we have printed your job.

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