The Five Castes Press are proud to be associated with an important art project by renowned artist Sarah Lucas, and designed by Julian Simmons.

Published by Sadie Coles HQ, this hardback, section-sewn book features 648 edge-coloured pages and is packed with 705 stunning photographs. The phenomenal book features astonishing sculptures by Sarah Lucas made in Oaxaca, Mexico and exhibited in Anahuacalli Mexico City. It is already receiving high praise and is by far the biggest book FCP have ever printed, although the logistics in producing such an enormous publication was, at times, nail-biting for everyone involved!
‘I employed the code-name ‘sculpture book’ in our early correspondences – for apprehension ‘TITTIPUSSIDAD’ might prove too unusual a proposition! There were many firsts in the production of this book, the initial shocker was its scale, 648 pages – and to open flat, it was make or break, I may have detected raised eyebrows, shortly followed by sleeves being rolled up. Five Castles rose to every challenge with expert precision and efficiency. My expertise is with Fine-Art printmaking, so print quality is paramount – not only in terms of equipment but in maintaining a close contact when the first wet-proofs emerged – this moment of adjustment is vital to me, and has set a personal quality directly into the printed result. This collaboration has provided a spectacular tome, in all, truly world class.’
   Julian Simmons, photographer and designer of TITTIPUSSIDAD.

‘It’s the good book! A work of art in its own right’
   Jonathan Caplan Architects, New York.

‘I am totally blown over by your new book: ‘Tittipussidad’. It is so cohesive, beautifully designed and printed, one of the best Artist Books I have seen in a while. Deeply in awe! Respect!’
   Sylvie Liska, Secession, Vienna.

The books are £120 each, and more information can be found at Julian Simmons' Website  
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